I am currently working on my first large game and it is called The Lost Light of Sisu.

The Lost Light of Sisu is an atmospheric puzzle platformer set in different alien environments. The gameplay is heavily physics based and driven by cubes that alter your abilities as you navigate across the galaxy to get home.


You are on your way back home when the ship loses its energy. Because of this you need to land and search the nearest planet for a new source of energy.

After beaming down, you find energy cubes that will power your ship, but also change your abilities.


You can move left, right and jump. You can also roll up hills and cling to walls.

On each level you need to collect a certain amount of energy.

This energy is radioactive and affects your abilities.

To collect all of the energy cubes, you need to use these level-temporary-abilities and solve physics based puzzles.


  • Character is fully affected by realistic physics.
  • It’s a mix between a platformer and a puzzle game.
  • The energy only alters your abilities for the duration of the level.
  • Using physics to create interesting solutions and gameplay.
In game screenshot from alpha demo 0.2.0.


I also have the latest official demo uploaded on itch.io. Windows, Mac and Linux are supported.

Tigsource dev log

I have a developer log on Tigsource where I post my latest updates on the game.

Early game screenshots - ver 0.2.0